D.o.b.: 17-10-2006, s: Edward (Ch. Sequins Shamrock), d: Freya (Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic), b: Marie-Alpais del Moral (France), worklevel B/picker-up, HD A, ED 0-0, eyes clear
Really a people's dog, she always approaches everybody with a waggy tail. In the showring she's always been a star, as witness the many placings and titels. Always partytime when she's in the ring, she loves shows! Besides that, she also used to work hard in the field; it took a while for her to settle down, but since she became more calm and concentrated the gundog training went really well and she proved to be a great worker. A wonderful, complete, somewhat crazy but oh so sweet girl who is a tremendous joy to live with
every day! 
pictures of Yacime's first litter (24-12-2009)
pictures of Yacime's second litter (27-03-2012)
pictures of the gundog training with Yacime
portraits and standing pictures of Yacime
summary showresults of Yacime 
Titles/Challenge Certificates
German (VDH) Juniorchampion, Dutch Veteranchampion, VDH Jugendsiegerin Leipzig '07, Bundes Jugendsiegerin '07, Brabo Junior Winster '08, Belgian Winner '08, 2nd at Crufts '09, Ambiorix Winner '09, Veteran Winster '14
3 CC's, 1 VDH-CC, 1 GRC-CC, 3 VCC's, 1 CACIB, 2 RCACIB's, 3 RCC's, 1 RCCL, 2 JCC's, 3 VDH-JCC's, 2 GRC-JCC's, 1 VDH-RJCC, 2 x BOS, 1 x RBJIS, 2 x BOB Veteran, 1 x 3-BVIS, 2 x BOB Junior, 1 x BOS Puppy, Crufts qualified 2008, 2009 and 2010
Pedigree of Yacime
 Ch. Sequins Shamrock  Ch. Inassicas Song of Songs  Shanlimore Falcon
 Inassicas Stephanie
 JWW. Woodland Paradise Spring Classic  Dewmist Seascenario
 Keymer Tornado
 Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic   Ch. Dewmist Satellite  Ch. Telkaro Diamond Dust
 Ch. Dewmist Shaquille
 Trialer, Int. Ch. Siatham Roxelana  Ch. Standfast Augustus
 Mulfield Gypsophila of Siatham

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