Born 12-09-1998 (5 males - 3 females) 
d: Ch. Dewmist Crossmolina (Shanlimore Falcon x LP Dewmist Chincherinche)
s: Villain Jeanton (Westley Cumgen x Gunhills Summer Dawn)
Chanel (Ch. Dewmist Crossmolina)

Chap (Villain Jeanton)

Pictures of the pups
Rocksett Raga-Muffin: the very first Rocksett pup!

4 days old

1,5 week old

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

In the garden

Playing with mum Chanel

Male - 7 weeks

Female - 7 weeks

8 weeks old and ready to leave for their new homes!

Names of the pups

Male 'lightblue' Rocksett Raga-Muffin (Bram)
Male 'darkblue' Rocksett Rising-Sun (Dexter)
Male 'lightgreen' sadly passed away at 16 days of age
Male 'darkgreen' Rocksett Rhine-Stone (Max)
Male 'brown' Rocksett Runner-Up (Beer)
Female 'pink' Rocksett Rainy-Days (Sarah)
Female 'red' Rocksett Rebel-Yell (Bo)
Female 'yellow' Rocksett Royal-Rose (Balou)
Pedigree of the pups



 Westley Cumgen  Ch. Stirchley Saxon  Ch. Nortonwood Faunus
 Sansue Wanda of Stirchley
 Westley Juliana  Ch. Lacons Enterprise
 Ch. Westley Mabella
 Gunhills Summer Dawn
 Ch. Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood  Ch. Nortonwood Silvanus
 Stirchley Sugarbush of Jobeka
 Gunhills Darby  Sansue Castalian
 Gunhills Betty
 Chanel  Shanlimore Falcon  Ch. Stirchley Saxon  Ch. Nortonwood Faunus
 Sansue Wanda of Stirchley
 Shanlimore Breeze
 Ch. Nortonwood Silvanus
 Dabess Zelana
 LP Dewmist Chincherinche   Dewmist Secret Service   Ch. Mjaerumhøgda's Crusader
 Ch. Dewmist Solitaire
 Ch. Dewmist Corindabella  Ch. Dewmist Chrysander
 Ch. Dewmist Santinella

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